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      At Alphaweb we love to create new websites and webshops with a modern design. Creating a good website is like creating a pierce of art. You get to express your creative take on a project and build something that both visually pleasing on the eye, but also has a function for the site owner and the people visiting it. At Alphaweb we have more than 10 years experience in webdesign and webshops, and each time we build a new website to strive to try and make it better than the last one. Building a beautiful webshop can be fun, but also pretty challenging sometimes as you both have to build something you enjoy yourself, but at the same time keep in mind what the client wants and who the people visiting the site are. For instance if it's a site aimed at females around age 20-25 you have to use colors and pictures they would enjoy, and not something that would please the 40 year old male site owner. That balance can be pretty hard to maintain sometimes. But it's also one of the things I enjoy about webdesign. You are always welcome to contact us should you have any questions or be in need of a webshop or website yourself. You can reach me at the following adresse: 
      Fjordvej 27
      9220 Aalborg Øst
      +45 24926810

      Here's a few examples of some of our work. 
      Webshop inspired by Webdesign Forums
      Webdesign World - a new webdesign project
      Express Business - Alphaweb webdesign 

      At Alphaweb we mainly work with webdesign and building artful sites on the Internet. But we also help smaller companies with various types of online marketing. It could be something small like setting up their first Google Ads campaign to building a long term seo campaign or helping out with some social media advertising. But our main area is creating webshops for small local companies in Aalborg. These days more and more people are considering starting a webshop instead of a physical shop somewhere in their neighborhood. And with a good reason as more and more people prefer online shopping over normal physical shopping. I can understand that sometimes. Being able to instantly see the specs on the items you are buying, not having to wait in line or having trouble finding a good parking sport. But still, sometimes just getting to hold and see the object you are considering buying gives you a much better impression. For instance when I am shopping clothing online, half the time I end up returning it, as it didn't quite look the same in real life as it did on the webshop. Because of that one simple reason, I don't think that physical shops will die out just out. There are still many of us who prefers to shop in a real shop instead of a webshop on the Internet. 
      I for instant would most of the time prefer to do my shopping in a real shop over a webshop and I know I am far from the only person who feels that way. A bit strange when I make a living creating webshop for other companies. But for them - luckily not all are like me. There are still millions of people who still prefer to shop online over a real counter.
      Well that's enough of my rambling for now. 
      Thanks for visiting my info page here at Gumroad - don't forget to checkout some of the other good Gumroad pages out there. Some of them are really great!